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Aquatek Labs is an independent public health laboratory that has been providing quality radon testing services for over 25 years.  Aquatek is licensed by the National Radon Safety Board and the National Radon Proficiency Program.


Radon in Air

Aquatek provides multiple passive radon detection devices. Home owners can place our small scintillation vials that quickly and accurately detect how much radon is present. Professional accounts can take advantage of our Eperm detection devices.

Radon in Water

Aquatek provides both single and dual vials for detecting radon in water. Radon in water test kits are ideal for anyone who wants a quick, accurate and inexpensive way to estimate the radon level in their drinking water.


Can I smell radon in the air?

Radon is a gas that you cannot smell, see or taste. The only way to determine if a building has high radon levels is through the use of a radon measurement device.

How do I test for radon?

We sell kits for testing both radon in air and radon in water. Radon testing is as simple as stopping by one of our three locations to pick up a radon testing kit or calling for a kit by mail. You can then expose the kit in your house and return it for analysis.

Where should radon in air test kits be placed during testing?

Radon measurement devices should be placed in the lowest lived-in area of the house. Closed house conditions should be in place 12 hours prior to the radon test.

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