Water Test FAQ

drink water quality q&a

How often should I have my water tested?

The E.P.A. recommends that home owners have their well water tested annually. Testing is also recommended for water that develops a noticeable change in color, odor, or taste.

Is there a standard test for drinking water?

Yes, the Basic Profile is our standard test for drinking water. It screens for bacteria as well as physical properties and chemical constituents.

How should I go about testing my well water?

Customers can stop by any of our three locations in CT. Trained staff can determine your testing needs and provide you with the right bottles and paperwork. You can then collect the water and return it to any of our three locations for analysis.

Can I use my own bottles to collect my water?

No! Our bottles are sterilized and come in different sizes depending on the tests being performed.

How will I recieve my test results?

Results are generally available in 2-3 business days. We send most reports to customers by email. Postal service and fax are also available.

Is Aquatek Labs state certified?

We are certified in both CT and RI for environmental testing.

Does Aquatek Labs sell treatment systems?

No! Aquatek Labs is solely a analytical laboratory. In order to maintain our independence and objectivity we do not sell any type of treatment or mitigation systems.